About Us



Bergamo, 1983. Alberto and his wife, Ezia, owners of an architecture practice, began designing and creating items for their home to satisfy a personal need. It wasn’t long before these very items became part of a business project: Pinetti srl. The company, with its strong artisanal influence, began creating one-off pieces such as clocks, trays and furnishing accessories, which immediately made their mark on the interior decoration market thanks to their rich designs and quality manufacturing.In recent years, Alberto and Ezia’s passion and skills have been passed on to their children, Lorenzo and Andrea, who have strengthened the international element of the company, bringing in new ideas and development models. This is the family tale of a business which started out in Italy and has since grown, today telling its story around the world.


Pinetti is today a premiere Italian brand manufacturing luxury accessories as well as bespoke and limited collections handcrafted in the finest Italian leathers. Pinetti's quintessential design is a result of the long standing experience of its in house design team that over  years led to a development of the extensive offer encompassing collections of living, bathroom, office and outdoor products. Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, Pinetti became the exclusive partner for some of the most important and prestigious international interior design studios, shipyards, hotel chains and fashion brands.